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AJ on the Pavé - Poster

AJ on the Pavé - Poster

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They say Roubaix is as much about luck as it is about strength or skill, but watching Alison Jackson confidently navigate the pavé before sealing the victory lap of the velodrome, we don’t think luck had any part in her success.
Captured at speed on the final sectors of the race, Alison looks in full control of her destiny.

Jered and Ashley Gruber are cycling’s finest photographers. For over a decade, their creative vision has defined and redefined how fans, commentators, and the racers themselves see our sport. In 2022, the Grubers won the coveted World Sports Photography Award. These limited-edition art prints immortalise their most iconic images of our team on gallery-grade paper. Hang cycling history on your walls.

To reduce mass production and waste, this product is printed on demand for you.

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